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Resolved! Local Admin account activity

Hello all,I wanted to create a query which gives me output about a local admin account activity on particular machine.In short i want to get what all changes are being done on machine, any software installed by that local admin account, any sort of c...

atul557 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Email report error

Hey everyone this could be a really noob question but I have had trouble setting up the email notifications through our email server. The SMTP and ports have been successfully put in place and the test goes through as successful. I tried using the de...

kmarlow by Engaged Sweeper II
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Mobile device optomized web portal.

Some of you may have played around with this already but it would be great to have a version of the web portal that is optimized for a mobile device like a blackberry, tablet, or iPhone. Obviously there would many things that wouldn't work but havin...

Technut27 by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! report used by is empty

HelloHow I can create a report which displays "all assets where User Relations is empty"?I found quite the opposite in thread "Asset user relationship history report"...

tuc by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Asset not set to non active if not seen longer than 45 days

We enabled the functionality that all assets which are not seen for 45 days are set to non active. Now we have some devices where this automatism does not work. The last seen date is june 2015, but the asset is still active. I'm supried that the time...

AG by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! LSPush from afar

What considerations are there if I DST-NATed a port to my LANSweeper server so that LSPush works on laptops that are rarely home?

Resolved! How to remove warranty information

I converted a server from physical to virtual. When Lansweeper scanned it again, it new that it was a VMWare image, but it also kept the warranty information. Since it is virtual now, I would like to get rid of the warranty information for the virtu...

Okan by Engaged Sweeper III
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