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Engaged Sweeper

Can any one help how to create all asset report summary  like  Asset name, Operating system, Memory , CPU core, Disk Storage,  Manufacture, model, cpu usages % memory usages %  etc.

Engaged Sweeper

Hi Erik,

1)  i am trying in cloud version,

2)  i want to build custom report that include summary of all assets  required report is attached
Please suggest how i can generate attached report.   

Lansweeper report is attached.. we need report in required report format.. 

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hi there,


Lansweeper offers an extensive library of built-in reports under the Reports tab of the Lansweeper webconsole. 

Additionally, all reports can be used as a base report and customized to your needs if desired. We recommend editing the report and copying the code to a new report before making any customizations. 

This ensures that the built-in report remains untouched.


Lastly, on top of the built-in reports, there is a Report Library available on our website. 

Reports Library - Lansweeper IT Asset Management


If you are looking for a custom Report on Cloud, check out this article. 
Reporting in Lansweeper Cloud

there is not default report provide required asset summary like Asset name, Operating system, Memory, CPU core, Disk Storage, Manufacture, model, CPU usages % memory usages % etc.  Also i tried to make custom report but data is not fetching.. its very basic information of asset. take feedback and create on default report that provide asset summary.

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support



You'll need to provide more information before fellow IT heroes here in the community can help you with your query. 


  • where are you trying to build the report? In Lansweeper cloud or in the classic on-prem version 
  • share the code of the custom report you have tried to build
  • share screenshots or the returned results (even if no results are returned
  • share as much information as you can to help others reply on your ask.