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Reports filtered to Domain

We are running a hybrid AD.  Older machines are AD joined. newer AutoPilot Azure.  When I look at a user it will show last PCs logged into.  AD and Azure machines.  When I run a report for last login I only get AD machine logins.  I assume this is fi...

Cooldood by Engaged Sweeper
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multiple devices

I would like to create a report for users signed in on multiple Windows devices. Is there already such a report?

tdazey by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom Report for ICMP/SNMP status of network devices

I am interested in creating a report against firewalls and switches (network devices) that shows ICMP & SNMP status (working or not working).This report would be used to provide to our networking team to show them inconsistent firewall rule applicati...

SBSP by Engaged Sweeper
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Email Reply only to Sender and not ALL

Is there an existing method to limit ticket auto-responses to go to the sender only, and not to everyone on the sender's original email? Example: Employee termination list being sent to help email account (which is monitored by lansweeper) and also ...

JFC1 by Engaged Sweeper
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