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Admin Right

Hi guys,I have one question:- For example some companies don’t want to use local Administrator/Lsagent on the target machine. They want to create specific user in Active directory and to give step by step rules where will can scan all PC in their env...

a_bulat by Engaged Sweeper
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Password Status

Had a recent issue where I needed to use this quite often so I built it as a tool for our help desk to use going forward. It checks the status of the user's password: cmd.exe /K net user {username} /domain

brodiemac2 by Champion Sweeper
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Install Adobe Reader Error

Hello together,my installation of the Adobe Reader fails every time an I do not know why.See the screenshotOn the PC is no Adobe installedSteps:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><Package> <Name>Install Adobe Reader DE</Name> <Description>Instal...

Scanning - nothing appears in the queue

Just noticed that our freeware version of lansweeper (we don't have enough assets), has not scanned for a while. I've initiated scan now, but nothing appearing in the queue. Any ideas what could be preventing this?Regards

Broken scanning of AD

We seem incapable of scanning our domain anymore. It happened apparently a while ago, somewhere in September (judging from the completed scan indicators under Scan Targets), but I don't have any idea why that might be, as we haven't made any updates ...