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Resolved! HP Warranty scan - broken for some products

Hello Folks,Looks like scanning HP warranty on some devices is broken when we're scanning against the HPE database.See this:Parsing error: Cannot parse '

Moopere by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! FQDN name remote machine

need to find FQDN Name for the list of IP's example i have around 2000's IP's where 1000 IP's are in .XXX domain and few are .SSS domain .. we can find in AD but few are offline and few are not accessible. so i thought in LANSWEEPER we can find the F...

nagendra by Engaged Sweeper II
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Errors in exchange whenever Lansweeper scans

Our Exchange 2016 server is logging the following errors (hundreds of them) every time it is scanned by Lansweeper. What could cause this, and how can we prevent it?Cmdlet failed. Cmdlet Get-MobileDeviceStatistics, parameters -Identity "GUID ID" -W...

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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Sniffing connections?

Hi all, we've been trying out Lansweeper and, as of now, we really like it and might even adopt it for our needs. Now one question we have is for the scans. We want to know if Lansweeper has some kind of sniffing function where, as soon as a device c...

SNMP credentials

We are currently transitioning from one external monitoring vendor to another. The new vendor is requesting the SNMP string in use for monitoring and I would like to pull all the SNMP strings from Lansweeper and provide to them.Is there a way to retr...

dmoraes by Engaged Sweeper II
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Cap on number of routers?

I don't really expect that there is a limit to the number of routers that can be scanned, but my system is behaving as if there is.I have set up individual IP address scanning targets for all of the routers within our network, but for some reason, on...