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Update asset network links

I'm looking the way to update network connection info in the asset page but I can't find any option to update network connections, I have assets that display one year old connection and I want to fix this.Can someone explain me how to update switch/a...

ufficioced by Champion Sweeper
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Help Improve the Report section User Experience

Would you help us build a better Reports section for everyone? Until Thursday 17th, we are conducting a card sorting activity with users to help us determine the most optimal categorization for our report catalog on the IT Asset Data Platform. That w...

ricardo1 by Lansweeper Employee
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Hyper-v guest incorrect typed as Windows

hiI'm trying out Lansweeper on our network, and getting inconsistent results.A number of our hyper-v guests are correct marked at Asset type - Hyper-V guests.However others which are also hyper-v running the same OS are marked as Asset type - Windows...

Authenticate from CLI

I need to generate PDF copies of the reports generated on the report tab of an asset. By finding the AssetIDs of a 50 assets, I can manually create a list of urls similar to "". I ...

Software deployment initiated by user

Hi there,many of our users contact us for installing or upgrading their software, e.g. JRE or Acrobat Reader.Is there a way a user can initiate this deployment on his own? Something like:- user logs in to the webconsole- user gets an overview of ava...

MrCount by Engaged Sweeper III
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Asset Map Locations Overlapping

Is there a place I can either have these assets placed on a map auto adjust so they don't overlap and cut off the other assets or how can I go about doing this?

jah88 by Engaged Sweeper
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