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Install LsAgent on Mac

Is there a best practice for how to deploy lsagent with the cloud relay key for multiple macs? Im trying ssh but the kernel extension policy is denying me permission and Airwatch is a massive pain. Can I edit a config file within the ...

Jonnym by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lansweeper Not Opening After Update

Hello,I have been contacting support and did not receive a solution to my updates not completing after the recent upgrade to newest Lansweeper. The only suggestion I received and got to work is uninstalling Lansweeper and Installing a new Lansweeper...

Terry1337 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Admin usage log

Hey,I was wondering if there is a solution to create a report that shows when the admin rights on domain computers (local admin) is used.ex: Open CMD as admin, installing a software etc.

Extthamno by Engaged Sweeper
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Question about Save Pinged IP and Scanning Errors

If I disable the option to save pinged IPs when performing a network scan - will I still get visibility of any devices it tried to scan and couldn't?I don't need them to be an asset, but would like to know if I can see the failed scan in the scanning...

aplrich by Engaged Sweeper III
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Is there a level below global admin to do O365 scanning? From a security standpoint using global admin seems very risky.

Azkor by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! How to see additional info columns on Asset Groups

Hi All,I have been sorting my inventory and assets into groups. One of the issues I am seeing though is that the columns for my asset groups are very minimal. For example I don't see info like RAM, Processor, Warranty, custom, etc. Whereas I would...

swdavidw by Engaged Sweeper
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