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Resolved! Office 2016 Deployment

I am trying to create a deployment package for Office 2016. I tried modifying the Office 2010 package listed but am still having failures. The remote PCs are Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bit. PackageShare}\Installers\Office2016\Pro\setup.exe/adminfile ...

GaryT by Engaged Sweeper
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Deploys are not sent to the computer- Surface X Pro

Good afternoon! I have two Surface X Pro laptops that have the lansweeper client but when sending deploys from the console, they are not installed. Tells me that:Result: Package timeout reached. Unknown last result. Timeout: (300Sec). Credential: (tu...

Scans returning no info

We trialed Lansweeper a few months back and had great success, we were able to easily find all our assets just by scanning our IP ranges. We decided to move the LS instance to it's own server, after we got the server up and running and re-installed L...

jriggs by Engaged Sweeper
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Remote Registry 2019

I am still using the remote reg file for connecting to remote registries now working perfect with windows 10!Working since path:{actionpath}startreg.exe {computer}Cheers all ADMINS

EB by Engaged Sweeper III
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Forcing User to refer to KB before submitting ticket

in lansweeper helpdesk.... i am trying to figure out a way to prompt a user to refer to the knowledge base BEFORE submitting a ticket. Example: outlook running slow or outlook won't open....i want to refer them to the knowledge base where i have cr...

Advanced Install - Azure SQL

Planning out the details for a deployment of Lansweeper. Know that we need be conscious of requirements to support; primary, backup, disaster, and on premise office locations.Website component seems straight forward (making an assumption I can instal...

lhardison by Engaged Sweeper
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Configure Lansweeper to Scan USB-connected UPS

Is it possible to configure Lansweeper to scan a PC and get information from the USB connected UPS?Currently we can see the "APC UPS" under the USB devices but it does not register anything more than that. I would like Lansweeper to register it as an...

WilsonTech by Engaged Sweeper II
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