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Disable Agentless Windows Scanning Alltogether?

Is there a way in which you can disable agent-less windows scanning system wide?Would the option "Ignore Windows" in an IP Scanning target fit this purpose?And what to do with "Active Directory Domain" as a Target, this does not have that option.

jweyts by Engaged Sweeper II
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Lansweeper Pricing

Lansweeper Agent pricing error, a single agent license is $1080.00 per year.Lansweeper StandardStandard Subscription1CA$ 695.00(per year)This is a subscription product with a fee of CA$ 695.00 per year. You may cancel your subscription at any time.La...

Asset locations counting towards license count

I was wondering if there were any plans to disregard the "location" type assets in lansweeper7 against the licensed asset count, just like is done with monitors.It seems a bit silly to count them as, at least for me, they are just used for maps to pl...

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
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"Last Seen Assets" is seeing things

I've just started with the modern version of Lansweeper (6022), a clean install, and after a few days I've noticed that the above widget is claiming the impossible. On a Sunday morning, with all my PCs off or asleep on my Windows network, it's report...

rseiler by Engaged Sweeper III
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Stopping helpdesk from emailing out history of a ticket

Hi,We are just evaluating the Helpdesk section of Lansweeper. Every time someone does an update to a ticket, an email is sent to the requester (which is fine). However, the email always contains the entire history of the ticket, rather than just the ...

AndyIps by Engaged Sweeper II
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Excluding specific asset states from being scanned

Hi,I have set an asset state to be 'for destruction'. These are Windows assets which are broken or do not have the capacity to be turned on. We do this periodically and they are only set for destruction when cataloged and moved where they cannot be...

Gillian by Engaged Sweeper II
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How to run deployment installer with multiple parameters?

Hi,I'm currently trying to deploy some software that requires 2 parameters to activate, below is what i'm trying:"{PackageShare}\Deployment\Installer.exe" "CustomerId={ABCDEFG} ActivationId={HIJKLMNOP}" However I'm seeing the following error:Prelimin...

mml by Engaged Sweeper
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