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Resolved! Database Compatibility

Hi All, Currently, we're running lansweeper 60022 with database installed in local server , SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition SP3.In this case, we're going to migrate the Lansweeper database to other shared-database server, SQL Server 2012 Standard...

hery_hery by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Report for all without hotfix

I have been, unsuccessfully, trying to get a report that shows all devices that do not have a certain hotfix I need installed. I found one report on here from 2009 that seems to be outdated. Looking for help.Thanks!!

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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Resolved! Uninstaller for Flash

We want to uninstall Flash Player from user computers. When I go to create a deployment package to do the uninstall the only version showing is Adobe Flash Player 10 ActiveX and Adobe Flash Player 10 Plugin even though reports show multiple versions ...

ahall by Engaged Sweeper
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I should get a lifetime subscription for this lol

Ok so lets try and make your memory information gathering better. Using the cmdline or remote CMDLINE an ADMIN can get more information on what memory chips are installed to match the make and model if purchasing etc.I have been looking for ways to ...

EB by Engaged Sweeper III
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Delete Domains

I have a bunch of weird domains listed on the dashboard which I would like to get rid of. I do not see how to remove them.

dtsteinb by Engaged Sweeper II
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Commandline install / update

I want to be able to install updates to my lansweeper installation on my core server using only commandline switches. I cannot find any documentation of this. Surely this must be possible?

Ulf_Lundh by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Data Model

Hi All.I currently investigate a lot of time into the data model in detail, for producing reports/exports over all kind of servers (real and vm [esx|linux|win]) to collect the same items (from sense) or a default value and place them in the right pla...

Volker by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Request: Report assets and software grouped by software

Hello all.I would like to create a report for software installed like this:Acrobat reader | PCEmily, Administrator, SupportPC, PCMark, PCCarl, PCJustineMicrosoft Office 2000 | PCEmily, PCMark, Administrator, SupportPCMicrosoft Office 2007 | PCCarl, P...