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Resolved! Duplicate Assests Displayed in Report

Good Day, I have created the query below to find all members of the Local Administrators group on all Scanned Windows Systems (excluding Domain admins).The issue with this report is that it duplicates all assests and renders the report useless.What a...

mrfite by Engaged Sweeper
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New Hardware detail report

I have the following report.Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetUnique, tblAssets.Domain, tblAssets.Processor, tblAssets.Memory, tblAssets.IPAddress, tblVideoController.Caption, tblNetworkAdapter.Name, tblIDEController.Captio...

MrPatrick by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Can't drill down anymore

So one day this week, out of the blue, I am unable to drill into certain Windows PC's from any of my reports. They're just displaying as text rather than a link like before. Any idea why this may be?

mikerwolf by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! monitor report

Hello,I was wondering if there was a way to run the monitor report but add a column to show what resolution the monitor is.Dominic

Dtyner by Engaged Sweeper II
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how to monitor an ISP link?

Hello my apologies if this question is silly, I am very new to lansweeper but I couldn't find anything obvious about this question...Do you have a suggestion on how to monitor a link to a specific ISP? Regards,

sbouniol by Engaged Sweeper
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Modifying Permissions to a susbet of assets

Hi,It would be useful to be able to assign rights to change asset information, add documents and add comments, specifying only a subset of assets.Specifically it would be useful to determine the assets managed by a specific user via one or more dynam...

Resolved! Event Log report

I would like to create some reports based on Windows Defender events.Did a search and did find any reports.Bascially I want to pull the scan event and/or if anything was found.Separate reports are fine.If someone can point me in the right direction o...

JoeQuick by Engaged Sweeper II
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Basic Actions

When viewing asset details (computer) and trying to use the ping command, I get the following message:Permission denied.cmd.exe /K "ping.exe QCSPC27.xxxxxxI get the same error for:PingPathTraceRtNBTstatWhen trying to use the Http/Https actions I get:...

JoeQuick by Engaged Sweeper II
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