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Export Report to Excel

I am a new user in LS and I´m trying to export some of the customs reports to Excel, and hasen´t found the way.

Report Builder linking

I created a report to show me all computers running a program with mozilla in name.Great. Now I need to link to something to get the description field (Username here) to be included in report.Right now, it looks like this.ThanksSELECT tblSoftware.S...

jcorso11 by Engaged Sweeper
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Active scan

Is it possible to scan an entire domain excluding some OU?

paprita by Champion Sweeper
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Report for Product Keys for individual products

I can create a report to list all product keys very easily, and even keys for "2007 Microsoft Office system", but as soon as I try to add sorting it gives me an error, so then I add the TOP 100 PERCENT and it saves, but gives me no results. The GUI ...

rtatman by Engaged Sweeper
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Reporter for Users

I Would like create an reporter for users that workstaions on lastlogin.Are you can help?

Rodrigo by Engaged Sweeper
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Reports Builder

Improve the report builder.Currently it has bugs and it is not very intuitive.As someone new to the product I find it hard creating the reports I want.Also, track monitors.Currently default monitor is registered so there is no way of knowing the moni...

nirs by Engaged Sweeper
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Hi, it is possible with the freeware version to scan trusted domains, or i can scan only the Domain where i'm belonging to?thanksOf course i have same login/password in all domains......Luca

bertelu by Engaged Sweeper
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Hi team. as far i've understood, the premium is an annual fee.what happen if i'm suspinding the premium membership?thanks

bertelu by Engaged Sweeper
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Next version

Is there a list of planned features for the next major version?

taeratrin by Champion Sweeper
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Report request

This should be simple but I'm not having any luck.Searching for SmcGui.exe. I confirmed it is showing up in tblfilevserions but when makeing a report I either get nothing or everything. The report is to tell me who does NOT have it.This is modified f...

Cobra7 by Champion Sweeper
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Description for Custom Actions with Hover

in the description field of custom actions type<span title="Description for Hover">your Toolname</span>Now when the mouse is over the link you can see your Description.usefull when integratingh new tools and you have no "time" 20 people to explainlo...

loerdy by Engaged Sweeper
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Report for Custom File Search Results

I have successfully added a file to scan for in the following location:%programfiles%\panda software\avtc\pav.sigThis is performed so we can find machines that don't have Panda installed, or may not have current definitions. How can I either build a...

Report Builder - Software Count report

I would like to have more information on the report builder.I have the following report that I am trying to build and its returning no data. However when I run it in query analyzer I am getting values returned.

bubblie by Engaged Sweeper
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Scan User Organizational Unit

It seems like this would have been asked before, but I haven't found it here. Is there a way to scan for the actual OU for the user as it does for the computer? I would like to get that to display on the user details page.Thanks.