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Resolved! Can I disable TLS 1.2 in Lansweeper?

I have a cyber request to disable TLS 1.2 on my Lansweeper server. Reading within the forums, it appears that TLS 1.2 is a requirement for the LsAgent to work as intended and TLS 1.2 must be enabled.  Without affecting the functionality negatively of...

JIRA integration for Lansweeper, AVAILABLE NOW

all Jira issues can now be auto-enriched with Lansweeper asset data.Download the App from https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1229828/lansweeper-app-for-jira?hosting=cloud&tab=overviewIf you like it, please leave us a good review in the Atlassian ...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Resolved! clarify snmp importer function

Being a LS newbie i seem to have a steep learning curve in front of me.   running version 10.xx, it is not clear to me what the snmp importer actually does ! does it literally import the mibs / structure into the LS db and uses that while scanning or...

TK_AT_HBK by Engaged Sweeper
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Cannot delete scan server

I am running 10.2.4 version.  I had Lansweeper setup on a workstation IT-Server.  I renamed that computer in windows settings to APU1.  Now Lansweeper shows 2 scan servers, APU1 and IT-Server.  I am not able to delete the old IT-Server from the scan ...

mikecarey by Engaged Sweeper
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Make your voice heard in the OT Research Panel

Make your voice heard and help shape our OT capabilities and roadmap!   We are looking for passionate participants who want to leverage our OT Discovery Software and share their feedback: Are you interested in helping us improve your experience with ...