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Hi, I can see all the Azure servers on Lansweeper, but not the software for each server? Anyone else having this issue? 

Create a new asset using API

Is there any way I can create a new asset using the Lansweeper API? I read the API documentation, and it offers edit and delete assets, I didn't find any API for creating a new one.

yzeng by Engaged Sweeper
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Unable to scan a non-domain W7 Asset

Hello,I have a Windows 7 machine on my network, but it is not part of my domain.LanSweeper can find it but cannot scan it, error "Scanning Access Denied".I have checked the user and password that LSweeper is trying to use when scanning this asset and...

TCS by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Deployment paused when already deploying. Doesn't resume

When deploying on a computer that is already being used for a deployment, you receive following message:Deployment paused for 5 min, we are already deploying on this asset.The problem is, that Lansweeper doesn't try to deploy the package after 5 minu...

Ruben1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Slack Integration PoC

Hey dev folks,Me and Rafa (our lead of API development) created a PoC of Slack integration. The usecase is a simple one. You will receive a message when new asset is created (discovered). You would need a Linux system with NodeJS.The full code is in ...

Asset Groups Only Showing one asset in each one

We had to install a trial license, good until Jan, when licensing dept screwed up the renewal. But now we noticed that our asset groups are only showing one asset in each group, not all the assets assigned to each group.

DaleR by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Azure AD scanning last logon date

I tried creating a basic report that gives us the Azure AD users and the last logon date of that user in AAD. So far the Last logon date returns as blank. I followed the AAD setup guide and did everything. Is there a setting I missed somewhere? Does ...

Spelfaut by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Rescan Asset takes 5+ minutes after updating to

We recently upgraded our Lansweeper server from the previous version to the most current. We've noticed that when we use the Rescan Asset feature it now takes anywhere from 5 to 6 minutes for the scan to complete. It doesn't matter if the system is p...

jdansacket by Engaged Sweeper II
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