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Disable Agentless Windows Scanning Alltogether?

Is there a way in which you can disable agent-less windows scanning system wide?Would the option "Ignore Windows" in an IP Scanning target fit this purpose?And what to do with "Active Directory Domain" as a Target, this does not have that option.

jweyts by Engaged Sweeper II
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Hide comments and docs

Hi.I wonder if there is a setting that hides the "comments" and "docs" buttons on the assetpage.We´re thinking of putting sensitive data there i.e local users and passwords.I´ve searched but the default setting seems to be that one can see everything...

Svante by Engaged Sweeper II
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RPC problems

Please help. I've tried many ways already, looking for the difference between configurations. In the end, I didn't come to anything. The problem is that there are over 500 devices on the network and only 90 of them are scanned. The settings on all de...

Lolwtole by Engaged Sweeper
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RemoteDeployment_x64.exe showing on deployment [BUG?]

As the Title explains, the cmd window from RemoteDeployment_x64.exe is showing on the Windows Asset when I use the current logged on user credentials. The installation is silent otherwise and successful.This is very bad UX and some user panic and clo...

Tomas by Engaged Sweeper III
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Checkpoint solution

We are looking for customers who have Checkpoint solutions deployed in their networks. If you are open for a short demo, please let me know. Thanks, /F

New License

I purchased 3000 licenses in Nov. 2020 and have not heard anything. Order reference number was 247045470. The check was sent to CleverBridge on Nov. 24th ; check number 437364. Our bank shows the check cleared on Dec. 3rd. Can you please check on...

Resolved! PING monitor setup

Hi Everyone,Names Bob and I'm new to LANsweeper. We are a small VoIP company. We want to know when a customers site has gone off-line. We have a couple of things in place for that. One of the things is a PING monitor. It sends a PING to the customers...

atd by Engaged Sweeper
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Bulk Add List of Assets to Static Asset Group

Hello,If I have a list of assets that are already in Lansweeper is there a way to add all of them to a static asset group with out filtering for and adding them individually?Thanks in advance for your time and help.

robisonr by Engaged Sweeper
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auto select agent, after you select ticket type

hi,even though its set under the configuration, ticket content, ticket types, the default agent never kicks in, if i change the ticket type to windows, then it should default to the agent who deals with windowsSimilarly, if i wanted to change ...