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Add custom fields for ticket imports

I am currently trying to figure out how ticket import works on lansweeper helpdesk. I am already able to import some tickets but I am not able to add any custom fields I created on the website to the to be imported tickets. I can upload them without ...

xPaul by Engaged Sweeper II
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LsPush Not Executing

I followed the instructions to use LsPush within our domain. When I check gpresult on my domain PC's it states that Logon script Push Policy has not yet been executed. I copied the code corrected my server ID and pasted the code as a .vbs file. How d...

Terry1337 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Can you create your own "Action Parameter"

Hi,I was wondering if it is possible to create your own "Action Parameter" in LanSweeper under the "Add Asset Section". I need to add something beside the default ones:{actionpath}, {smartname}, {assetname}, {dnsname},{computer}, {domain}, {tag}, {us...

JakeST by Engaged Sweeper
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Windows EndPoint Scanning Errors/Issues

Please would I able to ask from everyone else's experience what other potential reasons there could be for our Lansweeper scanner still not pulling device information back on Windows EndPoints?We have setup a relevant service account, ensured the cor...

Rob-CD by Engaged Sweeper II
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Can a scanning server perform deployment?

I have 2 subnets say subnet A and subnet B.Subnet A can communicate to subnet B.Subnet B cannot communicate to subnet A.Currently, a Lansweeper server is installed in subnet B. I would like to install a scanning server and place in subnet A. Will the...

Alan_LS by Engaged Sweeper II
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Incorrect Asset categorization

Hello everyone,We have recently installed the Lansweeper to one of our servers in order to test if it's functionalities does meet our business demands. However, what I can notice is that Lansweeper has incorrectly categorized many Assets (i.e. Wirele...

markojic by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom File scanning

Hello!I need to scan .ink file on user desktop.The problem is that there are a lot of users.It is necessary as that to substitute a user name in a patch automaticallyfor example:c:\users\Ben\Desktop\soft.inkc:\users\Alice\Desktop\soft.inkc:\users\Tom...

dukedizel by Engaged Sweeper II
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remote user computers

As Lansweeper only scans our internal lan and picks up devices on our network, how do we deal with non mpls or internet remote user computers which are rarely in the office is there any agent which install in client PC so that it communicate to sever...