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Ping specific IP

hey everyone, I am wanting to ping a specific IP address that does not have an agent. I have set it as an IP Range and set a single IP. My question is where can I find the results of this specific scan that I setup?The scan looks like it is running, ...

gflure by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Ticket System Email Settings

I would like to create a specific ticket dispatching rule for incomming emails in our lansweeper ticket system. The rule should filter all tickets with "IT" in the subject field of the ticket and assign those tickets to the "IT Support" team. I alrea...

xPaul by Engaged Sweeper II
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Trigger actions

We have a few pieces of software that keep showing up on our machines, and I'd love to find a way for Lansweeper to uninstall these automatically upon detection. Is there any way to do that, or anything similar?

acooney by Engaged Sweeper II
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IIS Express license terms

Hello,After some times testing Lansweeper in a test environment (Windows Server 2012 / SQL Express 2016 / IIS Express 8.0), we just installed Lansweeper in a production environment (Windows Server 2016 / SQL Standard 2016 / IIS Express 8.0 ).My IT in...

Sylvie by Engaged Sweeper III
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Is the domain case sensitive?

I'm curious to get an official word. We have version and I was recently asked to create an account that lansweeper could use to scan all the machines. The past engineer had been using their domain admin account.Despite the password being c...

steviebuk by Engaged Sweeper
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Selection of Packages for Users to install

Lansweeper got the deployment tool integrated which a system admin can use to deploy packages. I am looking for a way that we can make these packages available to users which they then can select to install without having a sys admin to deploy them....

pvanlien by Engaged Sweeper III
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Chassis: Intrusion detected

Dear,In the lansweeper danshboard, we have the following alert: Chassis: Intrusion detected.On 01/31/2018 I identified that one of our servers was listed in this report, but I do not know what this type of alert refers to. can you help me?

Resolved! Delete Logon Times

Hello,is there an option to limit the amount of past logon time stamps to a certain amount of time?For privacy reasons we do not want to record logon times too far in the past to avoid being able to create a profile of working habits.What we would ne...

hara1d by Engaged Sweeper
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