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CMDB questions last logged on vs owner

Is it possible to change the data to show the user who logged on most in within the last 5 logons on vs last logged on user. We are trying to dial in a report to show the owner vs last logged on user, as you might have a teammate or IT person log onc...

rickbell by Engaged Sweeper
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How Lansweeper uniquely identifies assets

Hi, Just wondering why the unique asset for computers is the computer name in Windows ? Its creating quite a lot of bugs on our end cause some people reuses their computer names when changing hardware (IP in the computer name or else). Is it possible...

jfhallee by Engaged Sweeper III
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Link to help desk ticket in signature

I want to create a global signature beneath the ticket response send by lansweeperI create a signature in the email settings sectionIn this signature I create a hyperlink to https://helpdesk.compaxo.local/helpdesk/Ticket.aspx?tid=[ticketid]This is ch...

How to remove non-agent scanned assets

Hello Lansweeper community, We just started using Lansweeper and got a small problem. We only need to have computer that are scanned via lsagent software, but when we did the initial scan, we forgot to uncheck the "Active Directory Computers OU" so w...

mmichalek by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweepeer license is expiring

Unfortunately, we are unable to renew our Lansweeper license.This thread dated February 12, 2019 says that the Lansweeper service will be blocked.What exac...

Remove Ads

Hi allIs there a way to remove the ads that keep popping up at the bottom of the window?They are just irrelevant for my team and are a hinderance as every time you start Lansweeper you need to close them. And I would think that most people that use L...

TheOne by Engaged Sweeper
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Airwatch Integration

We have recently started scanning our Airwatch instance as a scanning target using the Airwatch APIWe have found that there is no way to limit Lansweeper users from seeing asset types so there is no way to effectively for example prevent our helpdesk...

LSAgent Cloud Relay Authentication Key

Hello All,We have just updated to the latest version of lansweeper; we have around 3000 assets in our fleet with LSAgent installed with old Cloud Relay Authentication Key. I want to update the Cloud Relay Authentication Key without uninstalling LSAge...