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Lansweeper closed my support case

Hey there @LansweeperSo you closed my support case and set it to resolved.OK.But which of my open support cases at Lansweeper was closed?Shouldn't be there a support case number in that case resolved mail?At the moment I do not know which case this c...

WuGe by Champion Sweeper
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Bulk Add List of Assets to Static Asset Group

Hi there,Would like to create a static group to house a large amount of computers where the assets already exist in lansweeper.  Is there a way to quickly add a list of computers to a Static Asset Group without having to use the GUI to check each one...

Jmartinr by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Scan server unavailable after upgrade to

Hello,We've upgraded our Lansweeper to but Scan server shows always "Unavailable". We've restart LS Server service several times but Scan server status persists.We don't see any errors on errorlog2023-10-24 16:39:13,884 [10] INFO Started vt...

Eximeno by Engaged Sweeper
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Join for exclusive rewards

 Join us in our ongoing quest to enhance Lansweeper according to your needs! We're eager to spend time with you, gaining insights into how we can better serve you.How can you assist?Share your valuable experiences with our product, features, and any ...

Fe by Lansweeper Employee
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Creating a Identity Code

Hey Lansweeper Community,Watch this tutorial to learn how to create an identity code for use, to access our API and our Integrations Applications. 

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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VMware vCenter Server not scanned in

Since the update to v11.1.1.3 my VMware vCenter Server is not scanned anylonger.It also no longer shows up as an asset.Before the update all was OK. The vCenter and all scanned information was there.We upgraded from v10.6.2.0Scanning credentials are ...

WuGe by Champion Sweeper
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