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Roku and media players

According to this page, lansweeper should be retrieving information from media players, including Roku players. have 32 rokus across our library branches that we use for digital signage, but n...

jutley by Engaged Sweeper III
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Error during scanning

HelloI get the below error when I am trying to scan an ESXi server.Vmware Error FailedToConnect: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source Its funny because in past I have managed to connect successfully to the server. SSH is working properly.Wh...

manos by Engaged Sweeper II
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LsAgent with Lansweeper server behind proxy

We want to use the LsAgent with cloud sync, but the 'Cloud Relay Authentication Key' never gets generated. The Lansweeper server is on a private VLAN that requires a proxy to access the internet, and I don't think it ever reaches the outside server....

drdrdr by Engaged Sweeper II
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LANSweeper 7 - More Cost for Same Features!

We have an active license for LS6 through April 2019 but are being told that we must now pay more money for LS 7 in order to continue to scan VMware hosts. I would be happy to stick with version 6 but I am told that it will not get updates once vers...

pat_bonich by Engaged Sweeper II
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New SharePoint Item

Hello,I'm very new in the toppic SharePoint and Lansweeper.We use SharePoint for our Ticketsystem. My Idea: I would like to create a new Sharepoint Item with a click on a custom Lansweeper Basic/Advanced Action. When creating, the last logged on user...

How to manually add licence keys

I'm mainly trying to track Microsoft Office 2016 home and business licences. Now, I understand Office 2016 product keys are not listed in the registry and that is why Lansweeper can't get it automatically.I do know which licence is installed on which...

yaang by Engaged Sweeper
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Automatically generate reports based on customer

Hi,We have a need to automate reports based on our customers. As of today this is manually handled by creating custom reports. I would like that when we set up a new customer (unique domain) in lansweeper (scan or lspush) reports automaticially gener...