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Disable Agentless Windows Scanning Alltogether?

Is there a way in which you can disable agent-less windows scanning system wide?Would the option "Ignore Windows" in an IP Scanning target fit this purpose?And what to do with "Active Directory Domain" as a Target, this does not have that option.

jweyts by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! disk cleanup to remove windows.old

I do mean remove safely not just delete windows.old /s type of command. I was thinking of some automated way to use the disk cleanup utility (install if not there) and/or powershell. Perhaps leveraging a report that pulls the existence of "windows.ol...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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Copy asset name or IP address to clipboard

Sometimes when working on a device I want to copy the device name or IP address and paste it into an email or message to someone. Currently I highlight the information on the asset page. Is there a basic task I can use or make to copy the device name...

cctech by Engaged Sweeper II
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package Deployment

Hello guys, I would like to ask you for a help with packages deployment. I created a package and tried to deploy. Because we have blocked admin permissions for user, I need to install sw with user admin rights. Can I specify what kind of user I want ...

VasekCZ by Engaged Sweeper
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Scanning Software License keys

Hi,I would like to scan eCopy PDF Pro license keys, but theres no such a option in software license scan settings I have tried adding it manually but no luck (i dont think i did it correctly)Anyone know how to sort this please?cheers

LanSweepa by Engaged Sweeper II
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Problem to scan switch

Hi,I see that some model of switch is not scan correctly, I can't see the port and the object link to this port and the vlan assigned.A lot of this are recognized with Linux or Web server and if i change the type of asset the problem is not solved.Wh...

Andrea by Engaged Sweeper III
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All Widget configuration is grayed out

I would like to make certain widgets available to my users as well as remove some but they are all grayed out. Please see the attached screenshot.I am using an administrator account.Is there something I can do to make them "active" or is this by desi...

TimH by Engaged Sweeper III
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SQL Server Instance port value

Hi, Has anyone tried to get the sql server instance port value using lansweeper? We have many sql server instances running on non default ports it would nice to find those values.Thanks

sonaliak by Engaged Sweeper
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