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Scan times and how to determine their end time

Hi there,we are new users for LANsweeper and we have a few locations that are not that great with their bandwidth and are concerned that scan times can take to long and therefor impact the production. So they raised the question if there is an option...

Help with Group Policy Report

Hello Lansweeper CommunityI tried to create a Report, which outputs the windows clients where the last successful GPO update is two days apart from the last successful lansweeper scan.My problem is that the windows assets are listed multiple times be...

sam1 by Engaged Sweeper
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System Requirements

What are the basis for -Not the hardware recommended requirements-Not the hardware minimum requirements What specs are these using?

Filter In Admin Console

I tried to get the installed software list to filter out already approved software, so that unapproved software would be on the left and approved on the right rather than all on the left and approved on the right. I added a filter "Software not in (s...

Help with reporting....

Hi there.First of all i need to say that im not wery strong in SQL.I would like to know if it is possible to segment the views you have in to different sites.eg. i would wery much like to have an report that show me all installed software on a given ...

cossie by Engaged Sweeper
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Add username as a search criteria for Computer Search

Not really a custom action, but.... I need to search on the username in the computer table. I also want to see the username when the search results are returned.2 mods were required (nothing was broken..yet...):1) Tell the search stored procedure to ...

76012 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Report for reg key value

I followed your example for _Custom report to check for fileversions (latest software installed)_, and it is working great.Could you post a similar example that uses a reg key value to determine if the software is up-to-date?

76012 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Relational Database?

Any future enhancements to make the SQL tables with relationships?An example would be to look up machine name, operating system and then last logged on user or some other piece of info from another table thats has a relationship. I guess a VB macro ...

E-Dub by Engaged Sweeper
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