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Linux performance data

Hi, I got an error while getting Linux performance data. The error was like "you have to add it in performance target", even I already added it in performance target still I got this error.Thanks

mapped drives credentials

Hi I need to know if there is a way i can create a report that will export me the mapped drives on each machine and on what credentials it is mapped with? I'm talking about machines that are not in the domain.

eranavn by Engaged Sweeper II
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Asset import and relationship with "owner"

Hey folks. there was a post a few years ago about adding a relationship to an asset during the import process and I believe it said it was on the list of customer requests (

kschrantz by Engaged Sweeper II
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Some LSAgents Not Reporting After Move

Hi all,I have a bit of an odd situation here. We have 5 subnets. In early December, I installed the agent on all Windows and Linux assets and they reported back to the LS server successfully. When I got the log4j email from Lansweeper, I ran their su...

Not all OU's are displayed in relations

Probably a setting I am missing somewhere, but we have LS scanning computers that are in OU's that then do not show in the asset relations window. For example, we have a computer that is a OU ending in "E Room". I can go to that asset and it shows th...

Cognitnaut by Engaged Sweeper II
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License related

Dear Team,We wanted to confirm if we can use our key for lansweeper in our developement installation.Or will it be any compliance issue.Thanks & Regards,Vikash