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Migration to another server and SQL

Hello,I'm attempting to migrate our Installation from one server to another, at the same time migrating also from compact DB to a DB on our SQL-server.I'm trying to follow this:

datev by Engaged Sweeper II
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Remote print management

You can omit the shellrunas bits if it is not applicable to your environment. This lets you manage the printers on a remote machine similar to using print management but with a stripped down gui.{actionpath}shellrunas /accepteula /netonly rundll32 pr...

steveb by Champion Sweeper
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LSAgent Version

How can I know the LSAgent version I have currently running on my macOS?I need this info to see if a newer version is available.Thanks!

roberto_m by Engaged Sweeper III
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Agentless WMI Scanning with Fortigate FW in the way

Has anyone had success in scanning a Windows target in another network zone protected by a Fortigate FW with NATing rules. Not Lansweeper specific, but I found this article that speaks to what appears to be...

franko_mc by Engaged Sweeper
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Some users not AD linked

Hello,Subject & Description says it all really, a couple of users don't seem to have synced with AD & Lansweeper, the can log tickets etc but when I search for them nothing comes up however I can find their ticket and go in to the user. example below...

Resolved! Users from AD not found in CC

When we reply in a ticket and we need to add someone in CC then the person can not be found in the list that appears in the popup. This list is very limited and is not the AD-list of users. When we adjust the user in a ticket then we see the complete...

J-C by Engaged Sweeper
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Bulk Remove Users

Hello:We recently upgraded our Lansweeper and added a helpdesk function. We are in the process of importing all of our tickets into the system but the users that are associated with these tickets are listed in Lansweeper multiple times. It appears ...

billpom by Engaged Sweeper
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