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SQL server license scanning - per core

I am having trouble setting up the software license tracking for SQL server. We use the 'per core' license model. The problem I'm having is this:Lansweeper wants to know how many cores per server. However, this varies depending on the server. This nu...

Ticket Templates

Is there a way that a template can be made that is filled out already and just need a resolution?My director wants us to put tickets in for repetitive tasks. Also want it to be visible only to agents if possible

rtforbess by Engaged Sweeper
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Hide assets from the Assets Form

Basically I want to hide all the monitors from the list. I still want them scanned cause it's cool to see what computer has which monitor. I just don't need to look through pages and pages of monitors.

Frederick by Engaged Sweeper II
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Feature Request - Connect via Logmein to computer

According to this: is no direct way, with EXE's to launch a log me in session to an asset with command. However, if you collect the l...

jperry by Engaged Sweeper III
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Wake-on-Lan over Layer 3

Hi,We are looking to configure directed broadcast on our network so that Wake-on-Lan packets will traverse correctly across different subnets from Lansweeper to wake up remote site PCs. We suspect Lansweeper is sending out a WoL unicast packet when i...

dscoland by Engaged Sweeper III
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Actions do not work on Chrome

We are on the latest version of Lansweeper ( and the latest version of Chrome (68.0.3440.75). Once I pick an asset (Windows 7 workstation), I tried the following basic actions and there was no response from Chrome:(1) Remote Desktop(2) Ope...

mgravi by Engaged Sweeper II
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Scanning Problems

We have updated some of our hardware on the network, ie some new ip cameras and also some new mitel phones but the new models just wont scan and find. Any ideas on what i can do to find the missing devices.

dastrix by Engaged Sweeper
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