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Resolved! Can I disable TLS 1.2 in Lansweeper?

I have a cyber request to disable TLS 1.2 on my Lansweeper server. Reading within the forums, it appears that TLS 1.2 is a requirement for the LsAgent to work as intended and TLS 1.2 must be enabled.  Without affecting the functionality negatively of...

Installer Return Codes

Is there a list that deciphers installer return codes? I see "fatal error during installation" failures on occasion with a return code of 1603, as an example. Would knowing what return code 1603 meant provide me with any more information on what th...

lcpeery by Engaged Sweeper
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Adding a title above ticket description field

When a user selects new ticket I would like for the ticket description field to have a title above it that tells the user what that area is used for. Some do not understand that they can use it to further describe their problem.Is there a way to chan...

Antaiwan by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Is there a way to prevent losing an asset with same name?

I am not sure if this is because of rename detection or something else but here is the situation. We had a PC taken out by a lightning surge, probably through the Ethernet port. Let's say this was asset 100. The tech took the hard drive from the dead...

wcb by Engaged Sweeper III
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Scanning Target Import

I saw this on the forum and saw this:"From Lansweeper 6.0 onward, you can also import IP ranges to be scanned from a .csv file, instead of submitting them manually one by one. To import your IP ranges, download one of the available templates on the S...

Mikey_ by Engaged Sweeper III
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IP Locations shown as undefined

I have a bunch of assets that are not getting an IP Location as configured in Asset Groups. They are all showing as Undefined despite having an named IP Location assigned to their IP range. We recently added additional scanning servers, and I added a...

Andrew_W_ by Engaged Sweeper II
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I have upgraded a bunch of Windows 10 Pro machines to Enterprise and This field sometimes doesn't update. I'll have to delete it from database and rescan it. Usually that does it. But I have one that no matter what I do, it still says it is Win10 Pro...

Mikey_ by Engaged Sweeper III
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Could Not find this asset in the database error

Hello! I am having an odd issue with one of our subnets.I am able to search for the device on our subnet, and it appears in the search tool as an asset. BUT, as soon as I click on said asset, I get the "Could not find this asset in the database. I...

Resolved! Add Excel Sheets to Knowledgebase Articles

I have been attempting to implement some of our saved Execl sheets into Articles.I have tried several methods and none have the desired result, so I'm curious if anyone else has done this.The closest method is plain copy-pasting while using Internet ...

Rudamento by Engaged Sweeper II
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