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What is a recommended scan frequency?

I did a search on "scan frequency" and found some good information on how LS scans, when LS scans, and how to adjust LS scan frequency. But I do not see any "best practice" suggestions for setting scan frequency beyond the defaults of generally once ...

jimbarr by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Color code exported reports

When I view certain reports in Lansweeper (Patch Tuesday and W11 Readiness to name a couple), they are nicely color-coded as red or green depending upon if they pass or fail certain criteria.  When I export the reports to Excel, they are no longer co...

Ode2Joy by Engaged Sweeper
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CERTIFICATES scan time too long

Hi all,I'm using Lansweeper v.  I referenced this other forum post from 09-20-2022 by Lansweeper Tech Support that acknowledged that Windows certificate scanning times are an issue.However, our checkbox for CERTIFICATES, under Scanned Item I...

SNAG-0010.png SNAG-0009.png
thromada by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! How does Lansweeper generate asset IDs, and can this be changed?

We are looking for a new naming convention for our PCs, and after a little research decided that the asset ID from lansweeper would make a good name. The only problem is that the asset IDs from lansweeper are only 3 chars, and we would prefer somethi...

Scanning App on QNAP

Very quick question.  Does the community think there would be a benefit of a lansweeper/fing like app being available on QNAPs app store? Pretty much something that could scan what you have at home -  a bit like the Fing box but on your QNAP deviceTh...

Resolved! Invalid namespace scanning errors

Following the update, many of our servers are showing Invalid namespace scanning errors for the Antivirus category, and say that no antivirus software is installed (before it showed Trellix ENS). 

2023-03-17_09-20-36.jpg 2023-03-17_09-19-40.jpg

Wildcard FILE, FOLDER & REGISTRY scanning

it would be EXTREMELY useful if you could use WILDCARD to scan files/folders/registries to allow you to ascertain the contents of those directories as you maybe looking for multiple values/files.For example.i want to see the contents of ALL computers...

d_scott by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! LsAgent documentation and best practices

Hello everyone, I have read through the available KB articles for LsAgent and installed it on my testing machine in order to get a feel for it. My goal is to present my findings to my customer who is currently scanning agentless through Active Scanni...

Dknappe1 by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom help ticket portal attaching files.

Hello Everyone,I am fairly new to using APIs and I have been tasked with creating a help ticket portal for our end users. So far, I feel I have gotten the hang of posting the data from the web portal to the Lansweeper API. However, I am stuck on figu...

jmikalik by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Error when trying to install the update

When trying to install the new update i get an error that it cannot get the SQL edition altho the SQL server is not in my LS server.i cannot login directly to the SQL server itself only to the specific DB using SQL can i fix it?Please...

eranavni by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Loadbalancing Active Scanning on a single large OU

Hey everyone,This is a long time running difficulty we've been dealing with and I would love to know if theres a solution we could find for the following situation:We have multiple scanservers all pointed toward the same large OU in our AD, all our W...

Jvds0 by Engaged Sweeper
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