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selection of database for migration

H!I am about to plan a lanseeper database server migration from one server to another, and I am considering what of the supported databases would be the one that has been working better for you experienced guys. I am planning the database to reside i...

aldo22 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Lansweeper Webserver Error

All of the assets that I have in Lansweeper are assigned to a user. I use the relationship of "Used By" and then the AD username. I turned on the option to remove user from Lansweeper database if deleted in AD. I didn't realize it would cause an issu...

mfuhrman by Engaged Sweeper
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Unauthenticated User Logins?

We can see a bunch of "..\Unauthenticated" logins when viewing the 'Logins into the Lansweeper web console' report.We don't have the Built-In Admin option enabled, only domain logins. How can someone login anonymously?

dbetlow by Engaged Sweeper
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Bulk change Scanning Target Options?

We have a large number of scanning ranges for different items but would like to turn off "Save Pinged IP" on a large number of them. Is there a way to do this without having to go into each and every scanning target and change that option?

tcooper by Engaged Sweeper III
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Manually added assets

Hi,we just started to gather some experiences with lansweeper. e.g. we buy 50 Monitors and add them directly, manually to the assets. So that we can directly insert the order number, serial number, date of delivery, etc. The monitores will first be s...


Is there a way to ignore or filter out any ChromeOS device that has been disabled?

benyochem by Engaged Sweeper
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Inventory Printers Per User

I get results when scanning the workstation but it does not list printers that have been added for specific users that log into that windows 10 workstation. How can I report on this?