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Hi, I can see all the Azure servers on Lansweeper, but not the software for each server? Anyone else having this issue? 

Create a new asset using API

Is there any way I can create a new asset using the Lansweeper API? I read the API documentation, and it offers edit and delete assets, I didn't find any API for creating a new one.

yzeng by Engaged Sweeper
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Unable to scan a non-domain W7 Asset

Hello,I have a Windows 7 machine on my network, but it is not part of my domain.LanSweeper can find it but cannot scan it, error "Scanning Access Denied".I have checked the user and password that LSweeper is trying to use when scanning this asset and...

TCS by Engaged Sweeper
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Free Limitations

Hi to all,according to: shouldn't be any limitations on deploying packages but when I try to deploy I get an message that say I cannot deploy due to license limitation....wh...

Lyte0ne by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper and IOT says that lansweeper helps with IOT, but I feel it does so in a very indirect way. Is there a way to use Lansweeper to actually assist in identifying these threats...

William382 by Engaged Sweeper III
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How to prevent Assets to be merged at scan ?

Hi,I have 3 Assets that are automatically merged when scanned, and I don't know how to prevent that.The assets are 3 Wireless Access point Linksys LAPAC1200. Two of them are clustered, the third is on a separated location / subnet.They have differen...

Le_Poilu by Engaged Sweeper
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All Monitor Assets

One monitor does not show up. Its bugging me. I have 246 and one will not show up. I have restarted the computer and run scan again.

StephanF by Engaged Sweeper
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Deployment ended: Incorrect function on Java update

I have repeated failure on scheduled deployments on my java updates since I started using Lansweeper at my company. It usually takes almost 2 weeks for the deployments to succeed on all clients. My question is why do I get the dreaded "Deployment e...

JoshD by Engaged Sweeper
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We have deployed LSAgent and it did work initially. We now have the laptops roaming but they fail to check in.The INI file has the external web address for the server. This is reachable from both in and outside.When I check the log file, i can see th...

Deployment of Updates/Anti Virus

So we are running an enterprise network using laptops, desktop and kiosks monitored by lansweeper.. i have successfully used lansweeper to deploy ie11 updates on all devices.. now we are noticing quite a few of our machines have windows updates turne...

ryanb898 by Engaged Sweeper
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Default Domain For AD Authentication

How do you go about changing the default domain Lansweeper uses to check for Active Directory authentication?Example below. We want to replace our current domain with a new one on this screen. To be clear we have AD auth already working, just need to...

tcilmo by Engaged Sweeper II
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