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Removing DHCP devices from scan

Hi all.Our business unit recently got sold, and as part of the separation from our parent company I am setting up a new instance of Lansweeper. The previous instance has not been touched for a while, but did not display any of our amusement game card...

aspo73 by Engaged Sweeper
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LsAgent Scanning Customization

Would be nice if we could customize this section, for example to show Computer Type/Model/etc... Right now it shows Enabled/Name/IP Address/Last Agent Scan, but this makes it difficult to move them to a different group if you don't know if it’s a lap...

acano by Engaged Sweeper II
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Request for additional help desk translations

From version 6.0 onwards, the Lansweeper software includes a fully functional help desk. The help desk portion of Lansweeper can be displayed in each user's preferred language. English, Dutch, French and German are built-in language options, but you ...

Susan_A by Lansweeper Alumni
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Mass updating Custom Fields.

I have an excel sheet with Serial numbers and Inventory ID’s. What would be the best way to Mass update a Custom field with the Inventory ID’s based on the Assets Serial number?

Tomas by Engaged Sweeper III
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LSAgent and roaming Clients

Hey Lansweeper Community,I'm on the way to push out the new LSAgent within my infrastructure but still have a few questions left. One of them is, how LSAgent will behave in roaming-clients scenarios. Let's say I have 2 locations: London and Berlin; c...

psluke by Engaged Sweeper
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Installed software as custom field

Hi.I have made a custom field for our assets to display if it got Acronis software installed or not ( Checkbox )I wonder if there is a way to automaticly get that checkbox ticked if the software exists on the asset?

Svante by Engaged Sweeper II
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Win 10 OS build not picked up

I have attached a screen shot, but some of our windows 10 machines don't show the OS build number, even though they have just been scanned. I can't work out why some don't show up.

markharry by Engaged Sweeper III
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Display Report in Knowledge base

We have all our department information and telephone numbers in Active Directory (I know people should use the address book in Outlook). But I have created a report to display a list of users sorted by their departments and then display their extens...