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Force cancel hung delpoyments

I'm aware you can't cancel a deployment from a previous thread. However, is there a way to clear them all out? to fill you in, I pushed a deployment to about 35 assets and they appear to have gotten hung up when running an installer from the package ...

jbaxter by Engaged Sweeper
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Tasklist Task Kill action

A simple way to see tasks on remote pcs and then kill them the lazy wayTASK LIST cmd.exe /K {actionpath}pslist.exe -s -r 3 \\{computer} The options set it to open a dos window and refresh every 3 seconds so you can see whats up.pslist is from PStools...

danielm by Champion Sweeper II
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Approved Antivirus list

We recently changed A/V programs and I've tailored LS Anti-Virus settings to reflect only our current A/V Software as approved A/V software. However, I'm still seeing programs like Microsoft Defender show up in the Anti-Virus line under computer Anti...

JSkwarek by Engaged Sweeper
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Auto assign notifications

In the General Settings I have under the Auto assign area both Enable auto assign and Auto assign ticket to agent adding first public note checked. For the past, well since using LS, this doesn't seem to be working for us.A ticket would come in, one ...

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Helpdesk Ticket List

I tried looking for these answers but wasn't able to find anything...Why are some tickets in the helpdesk list purple?What are some helpdesk ticket titles in bold?

create but not edit reports

Hello,Does anybody knows if:Is it possible to have a user role where can create reports but not edit others reports?The user will be able to edit only his reports.Thank you

manos by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Uninstall - Multiple Versions of Firefox

Hey Everyone, I am trying to remove multiple versions of Firefox from our environments. Before I recreate the wheel I wanted to see if there are any packages or tips I can borrow. Thanks

Dtyner by Engaged Sweeper II
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