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Import data to custom field

I have created a Custom field for our own asset number. How could I import or populate my own asset number into the custom field based on the serial number? Otherwise, I have to do a manual way to input the data on each device.

Alan_LS by Engaged Sweeper II
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Define Kits

Hi, Everyone! We're considering implementing Lansweeper. One of the inventory requirements we have is the ability to define a kit, and to change the location of this kit. Asset Groups looked like a good way to define a kit, but is there a way to chan...


Hello,I have a Debian Linux 9.3 VM. I created a lansweeper user for scanning and added and mapped the credentials in Lansweeper. It was able to scan the VM without any issues, except that it's throwing an error LinuxWrongSudoPassword. So I saw that L...

vabello by Engaged Sweeper II
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Bitdefender machine showing AV Disabled

I have one desktop that is showing Bit Defender as disabled in Lansweeper. The machine itself and the Bit Defender console are showing this machine as having active Bit Defender. What does Lansweeper check to see if the AV is enabled or disabled? We ...

acooney by Engaged Sweeper II
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How to setup Actions

Dear Team, I have running Actions for more than a year, I used all the functions that are very much useful.I would like to use 'Actions' but Am failed to execute a query in client PC. even I had tried Default queries in Lansweeper. works in some syst...

Karthik by Engaged Sweeper
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Where did the kbfiles directory go?

I am updating my KB's and I just now noticed that I am not seeing the kbfiles directory that should be found at c:\Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Website\Knowledgebase\____________I am on someone says, you need to upgrade to .48, ple...

jkrelic by Champion Sweeper
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