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Resolved! Can I disable TLS 1.2 in Lansweeper?

I have a cyber request to disable TLS 1.2 on my Lansweeper server. Reading within the forums, it appears that TLS 1.2 is a requirement for the LsAgent to work as intended and TLS 1.2 must be enabled.  Without affecting the functionality negatively of...

Deployment Packages-Groups

Hello,ive looked in the forum, but couldnt find anything to solve my problem. so, when i put a new pc in lansweeper, i want to deploy all active deployment packages. to do so, i have to start every single deployment manually. is there a function that...

BUMD by Engaged Sweeper II
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Windows Storage Spaces - How to show physical disks?

I installed Lansweeper to track the same things everyone else tracks (e.g. doctor cars and company bbq) but I also wanted to track traditional IT assets, such as servers.I have a Windows 2016 box with Storage Spaces, abstracting 10 hard drives into a...

chrlo by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Vmware VCSA 6.5 scanning error

Hello, I have a little problem with VCSA scanning, I recently update my VCSA to version 6.5 and the scan fail with error "Could not scan VMware with credentials Global xxx" I manage to add an account in read only group on the vcsa and declare it on t...

boupjof by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Any way to clean up assets that no longer exist?

Basically, one of our use cases for LanSweeper is as an asset management system. In this, LanSweeper is unparalleled, other than one rather unfortunate quirk that I'm hoping someone knows how to fix.As devices get reformatted / reassigned, the name ...