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Champion Sweeper II
So we have our knowledgebase populated with quite a few articles. I noticed 2 yesterday are now "garbage" words in Latin.

For example, to take care of a Windows 10 bug in VPN (where you have to connect not from the taskbar, but from the VPN connection applet in settings), the article now reads:

Lorum ipsum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse viverra accumsan interdum. Pellentesque vel justo libero. Suspendisse rutrum tortor efficitur urna aliquam, eget interdum ex finibus. Etiam consectetur quam id congue hendrerit. Sed hendrerit, neque eu lobortis pulvinar, nibh velit pulvinar risus, pellentesque convallis mi nisl vel lorem. Cras rhoncus aliquet aliquam. Sed in vestibulum justo. Proin a vestibulum leo, eu lobortis mauris. Donec id gravida mauris, laoreet imperdiet metus. Etiam at nulla tristique, imperdiet nibh vitae, maximus lorem. Nulla facilisi. Donec vulputate vulputate eros at efficitur.

Vestibulum finibus, libero sit amet mollis aliquet, justo magna suscipit felis, ac bibendum ligula justo a arcu. Sed nec odio ligula. Duis orci diam, gravida quis tellus porttitor, laoreet varius magna. Aliquam ultricies sapien eu ipsum dictum cursus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Curabitur erat purus, molestie sit amet aliquet sit amet, maximus nec metus. Pellentesque feugiat scelerisque pellentesque.
Duis lacinia dolor massa, quis lobortis mi congue et. Ut pharetra placerat nunc, a maximus erat faucibus quis. Nam diam neque, commodo dapibus dolor eget, malesuada ultricies mi. Aenean id nisi ut ipsum consequat ullamcorper ut ac ligula. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Nunc lobortis id arcu vel consectetur.
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Suspendisse venenatis, diam vitae ultrices vehicula, nisi ligula sollicitudin mi, sit amet dictum libero elit sit amet erat. Aenean luctus rutrum lacinia. Aliquam fringilla id tellus in congue. Morbi sed odio odio. Nam ultrices turpis sit amet ultrices dapibus. Nunc mollis, mi ac vehicula venenatis, quam nibh egestas magna, nec accumsan risus justo vel nisi. Nullam aliquam pulvinar nisi, id ullamcorper libero imperdiet at. Duis tellus lectus, scelerisque sit amet bibendum sit amet, interdum eu odio. Praesent scelerisque mollis sem in semper.

Phasellus viverra, risus a mattis sagittis, augue nisi tempus arcu, finibus scelerisque nibh ante nec arcu. Aenean eget sapien libero. Duis ligula ante, hendrerit ut tortor ut, faucibus vehicula ipsum. Pellentesque id condimentum lorem. Duis vel justo tincidunt, vehicula sem eu, volutpat justo. Morbi consequat enim sit amet ipsum ornare fermentum id ac neque. Praesent in nisl porta, bibendum ipsum malesuada, vulputate orci. Suspendisse potenti.

A VERY odd issue...when searching for terms that are in the article, it shows the link correctly, but clicking on the link brings us to that Latin mish-mash
Champion Sweeper II
Actually it turns out that it's only articles numbered 123 and 124. They were the first two we created (why they're numbered like that I don't know, but they were added first)

I still can't figure out what one of the articles I can't even recover it

Champion Sweeper II
I'm guessing it has something to do with the recent upgrade to the latest version of Lansweeper, which also killed hundreds of tickets during the upgrade. They appear to be the first two KB articles, and only those two (So far).

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Very strange, lorem ipsum is a very well known text generator used for creating dummy text, no idea how it would end up in an article.

It's best you send this over to support so they can check your logs.

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