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Q2 Lansweeper Community API Office hours for developers

14th June 2023 at 9am Pacific Join us for the Q2 Lansweeper Community API Office Hours for Developers, where we'll share updates on our latest API developments and new integrations since our last office hours (Q1 2023). We'll also be discussing a new...

Casslloyd by Lansweeper Employee
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Lansweeper News widget non-functional

Hello there! We've received some support cases regarding the Lansweeper News widget currently being non-functional. We have alerted our marketing team to look at the RSS feed so you can enjoy our Lansweeper News feed again as soon as possible.  We ap...


Annual leave is set in calendar vs helpdesk.

If I set annual leave in lansweeper calendar.Can existing tickets (when someone reply to it) be automatically redirect to another agent?Eventually can I set auto reply that agent is on annual leave?

Luk2 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Lansweeper News - The remote server returned an error

Lansweeper news and a couple of other news feeds display:The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.The error may be caused by one of the following:- No Internet access.- Internet access through a proxy server.- TLS 1.1 not enabled.Anyone e...

What reports do you use daily? Share here

Hello All! I saw some great responses here https://community.lansweeper.com/t5/forum/what-reports-do-you-use-on-a-daily-basis/m-p/24780/thread-id/11687 so I have started a new discussion thread to see if we can get more examples: Reply or comment to ...

Mercedes_O by Community Manager
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Duplicate MAC issues for VM

our company uses LS for a lot including historical information and we are now having an issue where a former VM which is marked as Decommisioned instead of Active and is no longer on the network IP was removed from it in LS but a new VM wial it does ...

LsAgent questions

I have been looking through the furums and not quite finding the answers I am looking for.  First and foremost, can LsAgent be installed to report back directly to my LanSweeper server?  I have an IP/port that I can forward to my server.  I would rat...

LANWT by Engaged Sweeper
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New Preview Capability - Security Vulnerabilities

Lansweeper is delighted to announce new capabilities in the security vulnerabilities space. Building on the foundations of our world-class scanning technology Lansweeper has enhanced our software scanning to normalize and enrich with NIST standard na...

Patch Status Column

We are currently in trial.  In the tutorials on YouTube, it shows the patch status column with color coded status of each machine asset.  I cannot get this to appear on my instance anywhere in cloud or on prem.  How do I enable/find this?  

skro by Engaged Sweeper
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Need a copy of the latest version of lsremote

Hi All,We are still using lsremote but the version we are using is 4.0.13.  It works fine but we would like a newer version.  I contacted Lansweeper support about this.They said they would -gladly- give me a copy of the newer version (5.x.x. somethin...

percival by Engaged Sweeper
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Issues Scanning Microsoft 365/Azure AD

Hello,We are running the trial version.I have been trying to get the Microsoft 365/Azure AD scanning (with PowerShell) to work. I followed these (1) (2) guides very closely, and I created a self-signed cert for PowerShell scanning. When attempting to...

Will by Engaged Sweeper
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AntiVirus Reporting

I have a number of PC assets that report 2 instances of Webroot which causes problems with filtering & reporting.1) Webroot SecureAnywhere - Disabled & Outdated2) Webroot SecureAnywhere - Enabled & Up To DateHow can I fix this?

SquawkPG by Engaged Sweeper
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Lansweeper Scan Error

HI Team,We have some machine showing not scanned because of error type access denied, but when we checked the account that we have used to scan have admin privilege in the windows machines and able to open the admin shares as well, Also the port 135 ...

Nik14 by Engaged Sweeper
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