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Duplicate hostnames

Hi,We've noticed a lot of assets are listed more than once :The same hostname exists multiple times but each time with a different IP address (because their IP is not fixed and the DHCP gives them a new one from time to time). All that is known from ...

Performance Scanning issues

I noticed since I updated LS with the latest version, Performance Scanning is throwing errors for every machine setup, issue message is 'Issue. CheckWMIAccessEventLogOnly - DNS redirected to '''' but expected computer CompName (EventlogOnly)...

Zoran by Engaged Sweeper II
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multiple AWS accounts

We do have multiple AWS accounts and would like to be able to limit the number of IAM users with static access keys required by Lansweeper. Is there a way to configure Lansweeper to use one AWS account and IAM role to access resources in another AWS ...

Scanning Alcatel Lucent ALE-400 IP Phone

Wanna scan all our Alecatel Lucent ALE-400 IP phone with Lansweepr, however according to Alcatel Lucent the SNMP is not available on the phone. Does anyone haw an idear how I can scan IP Phones and get information as MacAdress, Serial number, model, ...

Kaerjeng by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! High CPU use (~99%) since upgrading to

Hi all,We've been experiencing high CPU usage on Lansweeper Server since the upgrade to This means we have to reboot the server every other day to make it usable again. Is there any way to troubleshoot this?Regards,David