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CMDB questions last logged on vs owner

Is it possible to change the data to show the user who logged on most in within the last 5 logons on vs last logged on user. We are trying to dial in a report to show the owner vs last logged on user, as you might have a teammate or IT person log onc...

rickbell by Engaged Sweeper
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Reply to ticket creates second ticket

User sends me an email (my direct email).I reply and add my Lansweeper Helpdesk email address in the To: field (creates a new ticket)User replies to that email and a new ticket is created.Thinking it through, it's because the outgoing ticket I sent w...

harringg by Champion Sweeper
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Resolved! Printed Pages

Hello,In the side of a printer (here it is a Kyocera printer) is indicated how many sides were printed. indeed, is the number of the sides, another than those whom the printer says me. Where from does this come?? In this example the printer points in...

SpangA by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Lansweeper Custom File Scanning Wildcards

HI need to scan some machines for a file but the file sits in a folder structure with username in...C:\Windows\Temp\iotdx-disposable\Users\aperson\WebCompiler1.11.323\node.exeCould i set up custom file scanning using wildcards? so my custom file scan...

Resolved! LsPush Agent Automate E-mail

Hi All,We have computers that are at remote locations which do not have connectivity to our internal network. Therefore, we wanted to take advantage of the LsPush e-mail feature. Is there any way to automate the e-mail process so that the Outlook n...

dscoland by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Bug - Chrome Log Ticket

Anyone else experiencing this within chrome?When you go to log a new ticket within the user facing help desk the text box just gets bigger and bigger as you type, meaning you have to scroll down to click on the "send"

Resolved! local groups discovery

we had an application that is no longer in use. during its install it created 2 local groups. Naturally those are no longer needed, however, the uninstall process did not remove those groups. Is there a way I can report on each system that has those ...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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Notes fields and Chrome 61

Actually, this may have started in Chrome 60 for me, but it's definitely happening in version 61. Every note field I edit in a ticket expands its height by one line for every key press. Or at least, for alphanumeric and Backspace keys -- I haven't ...

Resolved! disable all automatic scanning?

We are wanting lansweeper to not do any automatic scanning. We have deployed the lspush.exe file and when the systems that we want to monitor login, they run the lspush.exe agent and report in to the server.So far in the scanning options - scanning t...

mlein by Engaged Sweeper
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