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Calculating UPTime

HiOn the Uptime page for an asset there are three calculations for Uptime (See below). I was wondering if you could a) share the calculation code for this or b) is the summary value stored somewhere in the Database?Asset on totalDaily average on this...

rshah3 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! SNMP scanning issues

Our SNMP scanning through LanSweeper hasn't been working for a while, last successful scan was in January of this year. I suspect that it is related to an update performed to lansweeper at the time but I am not entirely sure. I have recreated the SNM...

DJ by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Hyper-V guest systems Asset Page

I have a number of Hyper-V servers with a number of guests. There is a report I have that I pinned to the main dashboard that shows the Hosts, and all of the guests (among other data). That is nice and I am happy with that.What I would like is the ma...

AZHockeyNut by Champion Sweeper III
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User ticket submission

I am testing Lansweeper for our organization and I am able to create tickets via email but I can't seem to create them via the user dashboard. When a user goes to his/her dashboard and selects "New Ticket," they fill it out and select "Send" yet not...

revcall by Engaged Sweeper
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historical data

does lansweeper keep historical data for the information it captures like other NMS RRDtools?I'm looking to track things like disk space, toner usage, uptime, etc.if so where or how can i view this?

AM13337 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Report that show databases with hyper-V

I am looking for a report that will generate a list of all of the databases, with SQL instances, and what Hyper-V they are on. Been trying to figure it out, but I am a complete SQL noob and haven't been able to put it together.

ianadams by Engaged Sweeper
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Powercfg info

Hey guys,Had a request to see if we can see the age of batteries with lansweeper. Bit of google fu showed me that someone had a similar question with regards to HP batteries but it seems WMI doesn't store that kind of info (and lansweeper uses WMI to...